eMagazines Reflow Highlight – Taking Strides in Creating a Seamless User Experience

Reading Digitally

Though we may be in the technology age, it seems that tech companies and publishers alike are still trying to find the perfect way to read on a device, such as smartphones.

Going Mobile

There are many different ways to read digitally nowadays, and some are more difficult than others.

eMagazines is making big strides in this area of mobile-friendly reading technology. To make readability as comfortable and easy as possible, our reflowed editions of digital magazines make it so that subscribers enjoy their reading experience and actively feel engaged during the process.

The reflowed digital magazines eMagazines offers are simple—in both make and usage. For make, eMagazines uses software that takes a high-resolution PDF of the original magazine, which then converts the text and reflows it so that it can be read more easily on a mobile device.

For usage, there is nothing fancy about the way the reflowed digital magazines operate on your device, which is a good thing. Gone are the days of downloading an app or switching to a “text” view. Just open and read.

The Experience

The reflowed digital magazines show up in subscribers’ email inboxes with a nicely sent link, so that all readers have to do is click the link to be brought directly to the magazine in their primary browser. No logging in and no tutorial needed.

The rest is intuitive. Full pages that fit portrait-style on mobile devices show up in perfect proportion to the screen, while landscape-style pages show up half and half, as they would in a print version. Looking to turn the page? Just swipe, it is that easy. Looking to jump to a section? Click on the menu button in the top right corner and choose the section. Every action takes no more than 2 steps, making operation and enjoyment of these digital magazines the easiest by far.

Learn more about the services eMagazines offers at www.emagazines.com.