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Native Apps

Elegant apps for magazine publishers

We manage the development process end-to-end and deliver your premium content to the right subscribers.

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The perfect app for your magazine

When you work with eMagazines, you don’t need to have an iOS or Android mobile app. But if you want to provide one, we can help.

Fully managed development

If you want to have a branded presence in the app stores, we’ve got you covered. We build mobile apps with digital editions, website articles, and push notifications for new issues.

In-app purchases and upsells

Sell single issues, subscriptions, and special premium content. We help with strategy, order forms, checkout flows, add-ons, and more.

Digital magazine editions

We reflow PDFs to beautiful mobile editions, upload them to your app, and provide the right users with access so you never have to worry about delivering content. Plus, the style is consistent across your app, email delivery, and Apple News+.

Back issue access

Your subscribers will have access to all of the digital magazines since they’ve subscribed. You can also sell two years of back issues for a lump sum, or give them to subscribers for free.

Seamless migration and end-user support

We’ll take over your old app and make sure all existing users have the right content. We also handle customer support for all end-user needs.
“The transition of the Golf Magazine Native App was extremely efficient and turn-key. The reading experience on the new Golf Magazine App is much improved and consistent with the Golf digital edition. Our 4.8 iOS App rating is the highest it has ever been, all thanks to the team at eMagazines.”
Kip Morgan
VP Audience Development and Analytics,
Golf Magazine

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