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Analytics & Reporting

Reports with everything you want and nothing you don’t

We partner with you to come up with weekly, monthly, and by-issue reports that surface all the right data. 

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Our data architecture is crisp and clean so we can mix and match your favorite data.

Custom reports for every need

We partner with you to come up with the perfect report formats for every purpose: digital edition engagement, app usage, article audio listens, landing page conversion rates, and tons more. We deliver them on time and securely.

Google Analytics access

eMagazines sets up Google Analytics for you, so you can check the audience demographics, traffic sources, engagement time, and more for your digital magazines. We support the newest version of Google Analytics, GA4.

BI integrations

We can integrate our reporting system with your analytics dashboard to provide colleagues with essential insights in the BI tools your team is already using.

This is only the beginning

Here’s a taste of some of the data you can receive via eMagazines reports and Google Analytics.
Unique opens by issue by source
Opens by user ID by issue
eMagazine email delivery engagement
Article audio engagement
Article audio completion rate
Total read time
ELPs product landing pages order data
Digital fulfillment status
Expire analysis
Opens for partners and networks
Sessions by country
Sessions by device
“In one week we had 13,000 views on our eMagazines digital edition with an average engagement time of eight minutes. We never had that with our PDF only digital version.”
Laurie Laykish
President and Founder,
Local Life Media Group

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