E-Reading Helps Readers More Than You May Think

While some people may think that digital reading isn’t as beneficial as print – some new numbers have shown that digital reading is helping readers who otherwise struggle. Rachel Edidin writes in her article on Wired that “…adult readers tend to read more and stick with books longer if they’re using an e-reader.” This comes as no surprise since e-readers offer more accessibility than print media does, with easy access no matter where you are, among other things.

At the same time, e-readers themselves can be a pain to deal with, which makes digital reading on smart devices like your iPhone or iPad even more appealing. Digital reading through platforms like eMagazines offer reflowed layouts and no login necessary on top of the ease that comes with using the smart device you already know and love. No need to carry around an extra device solely for reading and no more chances you’ll forget your e-reader and miss out on those precious free moments you only get here and there. 

I know what you’re thinking: while this all sounds great, is there really enough content that readers can shift to digital reading and feel the same level of satisfaction that they had with their print media? The answer is not only yes, but also that readers may enjoy digital reading even more so than print. 

A big reason digital readers may get more for their money and have a better experience is the plethora of digital options that already-established magazine brands have created. Risa Becker writes for Folio that not only are magazine brands doing well, but they also are becoming very active in the digital landscape, offering many different types of digital media for their readers to consume. Becker writes, “The focus has become the stories—told in many different formats—as much as the “books” themselves; and, in this new, multi-platform approach, magazine brands have taken on new importance.” 

There are so many ways to tell a story and the magazine brands that want to continue to reach readers on all fronts are telling stories across videos, social media, and apps. This is another reason why digital reading has become a very important way for magazine brands to reach readers. While social media and other apps such as YouTube offer supplements to reading, digital reading through platforms like eMagazines offer a way to read modern, reflowed versions of the traditional magazines that readers have always loved without having to download an app or even login. The reading process is seamless and easy so that there is more time and energy left for interacting with their favorite magazine brands in every other way available. 

This holiday season, readers can use their extra downtime and time off to get back into reading through the easy commitment digital reading offers. Through eMagazines, readers can take their favorite magazine brands with them as they visit their loved ones and be ready to read wherever they may be for the holidays.