Stationery Chains Close and Digital Takes the Lead

February 4, 2020
greeting card, envelope, and stamps flat lay

Digital Is the New Print

Times are changing fast, and Gen Z and Millennials do not send or receive paper cards anymore. 

What Is The Deal?

Printed greeting card sales are diminishing. The Papyrus retail chain recently announced the closing of all its locations as they filed for bankruptcy protection. Meanwhile, Hallmark Cards, a similar stationery retail chain, is trying to stay afloat by revamping operations.

Clicking “Like”

Instead of sending a condolence or birthday card, the younger generation is latching on to short and sweet text messages to do the trick. Or, even better, just simply clicking ‘like’ on a social post to prove their engagement. With everything digital these days, it may seem there is no reason for snail mail–the simple task of navigating and addressing a paper letter can even look like rocket science to some.

Look It Up

The Wall Street Journal reported that Molly Biwer, Hallmark’s senior vice president for public affairs, said in an interview, younger Americans “don’t even know, in some cases, how to address an envelope. They don’t have a stamp, or necessarily know how to buy a stamp. They don’t have addresses” (Terlep, 2020).

Fortunately, almost everyone has an address. Although these days, looking up an address takes mere seconds. Google Trends reported that between December 2004 and December 2019, the search term “address an envelope” skyrocketed in interest by upwards of 450 percent.


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The Upside for Digital Platforms

Stationery and snail mail may be dwindling, but digital and mobile experience platforms are using it as an advantage. Mobile phones are attached to or beside users all day long. Quickly sliding it out of a pocket and looking something up is nearly a reflex.

The shift towards digital affects every industry as generations continue to opt for easier and quicker online interaction. No more paper letters or greeting cards, or hardcover books or magazines. Everything is sent through an email or text message or distributed online. Similar to the stationery industry, publishing is working through the same challenges: if paper is going away, how can we operate digitally?

Digital Magazine Publishing

For the publishing industry, the mobile user experience needs to be comfortable and seamless. The user does not want to pinch and zoom to see what they are reading. They want to scroll with ease as the template should be dynamic across devices.

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Tori Matkin, Marketing Manager