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SLAM Media

March 3, 2022

About SLAM Media

Founded in 1994, SLAM Media is a media company centered around content that uniquely covers basketball culture.

The Opportunity

  • SLAM Media was looking for a seamless solution to unlock their magazine archive that dates back to 1994
  • The company wanted to drive subscriptions with access to their full digital archive, rather than sell print and digital products separately
  • They also partnered with Autograph, one of the top sports NFT platforms, to release a variety of special Logo Pass NFTs
  • With their newly minted NFTs, Slam Media wanted to offer those who purchased them the opportunity to have immediate access to their archives
SLAM magazine subscription and digital archive

The Solution

Using our eMagazines Landing Page System (ELPS), we were able to collaborate with Autograph to create a seamless and secure experience for those who purchased a Logo Pass NFT to claim their access to the SLAM Archive. Using our back-end technology to create greater value using our Archive Solution, we also connected with the SLAM Goods ecommerce store to accommodate a single subscription solution: one subscription that includes the print product, a reimagined digital edition (new issues) and full access to the SLAM Archive. By working with both SLAM Media and their partner, Autograph, our technology allowed the organization to add additional value around their first NFT drop and helped drive new and ongoing subscription revenue.

  • Everyone who bought the SLAM Logo Pass NFT was able to get early access to the SLAM Magazine archive and will continue to get new issues for 1 year
  • Over 20% of NFT buyers securely authenticated to claim access to the SLAM Magazine archive
  • We were able to meet SLAM’s and Autograph’s needs at the same time using our ELPs and Archive Solutions
  • By connecting with the SLAM Goods Store, we created flexibility for Slam to leverage their digital archive in different ways for future promotions – for subscriptions and for other products.

SLAM Media publisher Dennis Page says of the campaign, “Working with eMagazines exceeded our expectations. This result is now our primary subscriber funnel and we’re excited—from a product and subscription standpoint—how adding archive access will drive meaningful revenue.”

More and more, publishers are seeing value in their older content and archives. Our Archive Solution is cost effective and turn-key that allows publishers to offer full or partial access to all of their back issues that are organized by decade, month and issue. All archives are searchable across all available issues. 

Our back-end infrastructure not only creates a highly cost-effective way to unlock archives as a revenue driver, but it also creates the opportunity for our publishers to tie NFTs to subscription offers and other campaigns.

Our flexibility around archival solutions and NFT technology creates numerous opportunities for publishers to reimagine campaigns to include NFT-driven offers, limited edition NFT incentives, and new ways to drive revenue to digital content.

This dependable and flexible process not only satisfied consumers and increased digital engagement, but it also generated a stream of reliable revenue for SLAM Media.

Learn more about how our technology solutions can support your operations, leverage existing archives, and work with your existing partners. For more details and to schedule a meeting email Blake Pollard – blake@emags.com.