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Mayo Clinic

May 26, 2021

The Mayo Clinic sought to provide its members with an easy-to-use digital edition and digital archive for the Mayo Clinic Health Letter, a popular and trusted source for clear and reliable health information. That’s where eMagazines came in––we provided the thoughtful digital solutions needed to effectively reimagine the Health Letter for mobile devices.

With the Mayo Clinic Health Letter’s new platform from eMagazines, members are notified when a new issue is released and receive one-click access to a digital edition. They can also instantly access the Mayo Clinic Health Letter’s digital archive, which allows them to easily navigate years of crucial health information to find exactly what they need. By bookmarking an icon on their mobile device, members can access this high-quality content with just a tap.

eMagazines’ flexible and intuitive technology responds to the growing base of digitally-savvy users that prefers to read their favorite publications through mobile editions rather than websites. We ensure that the themes, fonts and styling from the print product are retained and optimized for mobile reading.

Now, eMagazines is a trusted partner of the Mayo Clinic, facilitating increased long-term digital engagement between publishers and readers. Through eMags Studios, our new audio service for publishers, we’re providing new ways for subscribers to integrate their favorite content into their lives.

eMags Studios allows publishers to transform text content into high-production-value audio without changing their existing workflow. In addition to expert voiceover production, eMagazines digital editions are integrated with Amazon Polly Neural Text-to-Speech voice service to provide high-quality spoken audio for all magazine articles.

Generating audio versions of articles is proven to support customer acquisition and retention, increasing subscription and advertising revenue over time. We’re excited to be able to use our state-of-the-art platforms to help Mayo Clinic and other major publishers continue to grow their digital presence.

eMagazines is a design-forward technology and retail platform that enables distribution and discovery of top-notch print magazine content. Our seamless mobile platforms are proven to help publishers retain subscribers and grow revenue.

Our four properties include eMagazines, a technology that effortlessly transforms print products into premium mobile experiences; eMags Digital Newsstand, which sells and delivers digital editions of magazines; ValueMags, which sells print and digital magazine subscriptions; And eMags Studios, which allows publishers to enhance their magazine content through audio integration.

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