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Introducing ReadAlong.ai!

October 11, 2021
Neural Text to Speech

ReadAlong.ai, our newest product, changes the way article content is experienced online by your readers. It’s a product developed and managed by the eMagazines team, and is part of our mission to seamlessly transform text content into a premium mobile and audio experience.

Our ReadAlong.ai technology allows your website visitors to click a button, and listen while the article text automatically scrolls and becomes highlighted.

While that’s a feature of our eMagazines digital editions, we’ve now also launched this technology as a stand-alone product.

With the explosion of interest in audio and the need for accessibility options, ReadAlong.ai allows publishers to support automatic, natural sounding voiceover of their articles. This innovation has led to readers spending more time listening, more articles consumed per visit, deeper engagement between publisher and reader, and an overall positive impact on the consumer experience.

Our technology leverages Microsoft, IBM and Amazon technology and offers a simple and turn-key way to add this audio technology to publisher websites by adding a single line of code.

Audio also adds new opportunities for revenue and the auto-scroll feature ensures ad visibility as 20% of website visitors who are given the option to listen to an article will play an audio narration of it. Content monetization is the lifeblood of websites and now publishers can maintain banner impressions and add audio ad impressions while providing a real benefit to visitors. Further, our technology promotes accessibility and supports users who are visually impaired. Our technology is also being used by publishers including TIME for Kids to help pre-readers listen to articles and begin to connect spoken words with highlighted text to aid in developing early reading skills.

By productizing what began as a feature for us, we’ve turned ReadAlong.ai into a product not just for magazine publishers but for anyone who publishes content online to be able to easily and simply add natural sounding voices to their content, improve accessibility, and deepen customer engagement.

Please contact Blake Pollard on our team for more information.