How to Improve Your Digital Editions This Month

June 9, 2019

4 Simple Tips to Follow

You have decided it is finally time to take your content digital, and you are excited to get started. Although, you are not exactly sure how the process works. Maybe you have never done this before. Do not fear. It is easy to put out a beautiful digital edition subscribers truly want to interact with. Just follow these simple tips.

1. Nail the Layout

The first thing any good digital edition must be is legible. For best results, use a one or two-column layout.

This makes for a magazine that is attractive and easy to read. If you anticipate that your magazine will be viewed on mobile applications, you might also consider portrait or landscape modes, as these are now available on tablets and smartphones. Keep in mind that landscape-mode layouts can display two pages at once, so maintaining a 4:3 ratio is critical.

2. Make Your Typography Simple

Digital editions condense your typography and, without additional attention, can make it difficult to read. For best results, change your typography so it is simple and straightforward. This means streamlined fonts and a layout that ensures well-formatted spaces. As a general rule, you should stick to a 15-25 pixel point size for digital editions. These things may seem simple, but they make a massive difference as far as readability goes.

3. Optimize PDF Files

All digital versions of your magazine will be downloaded onto a reading device. This means you will need to optimize the size of your PDF files before export. Remember to avoid embedding thumbs, and to downsample all images above 225 ppi, to about 150 ppi.

4. Optimize Your Images

Images are everything for digital editions. To make sure yours are as attractive and compelling as possible, optimize them before you take your magazine digital. This means seeking out high-quality, clear, relevant images that will compress nicely, depending on your reader’s viewing device. Remember that pictures speak volumes about your digital edition. Even if the text is perfect, bad images can ruin the entire presentation.

Digital Success Starts Here

Publishing a digital edition of your magazine is an exciting process. While following these tips is a great way to ensure success, you can take things a step further and partner with a professional distribution outlet like eMagazines! We help publishers get their content in front of audiences, and create the platform you need to succeed. Contact us today to learn more.