Help the Earth by Reading Digital Magazines

July 5, 2017

Going Green When Reading

Though there are many reasons to subscribe to the digital versions of your favorite magazines through eMagazines, one of the reasons you may not have considered is how much reading digitally helps the environment.

Making Paper Is Not Necessarily Easy

By reading digitally, you reduce the number of trees that are cut down to make paper for the magazines and you avoid having to throw out your old magazines, reducing the amount of waste you make overall.

Did you know that not only is paper a sizable portion of the garbage we throw out every day, but also the production of paper excessively uses many of our natural resources? According to The World Counts, an organization based in Denmark that focuses on educating people about waste production, it takes 324 liters of water to make one kilogram of paper. Further, paper accounts for a quarter of landfill waste and about one-third of municipal waste. And, to print a Sunday edition of The New York Times, it takes 75,000 trees. Paper has a big role in the waste we produce and the excessive use of natural resources.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

However, just knowing these facts does not always help if you are not aware of the effects and consequences of not reducing our waste. The World Counts reports, deforestation is one of the biggest effects of paper usage and waste. Trees provide oxygen for humans and animals to breathe and help prevent further global warming. When paper is made, it also uses multiple different chemicals, such as chlorine-based bleach, which means that toxins can leak into the air, water, and soil. Further, when paper breaks down, it emits methane gas, which is twenty-five times as toxic as CO2. Therefore, reducing paper production and paper waste will help reduce the toxins we are potentially exposed to and will help our planet overall, allowing trees to flourish, protecting against further climate change.

eMagazines Is Green

If you subscribe to eMagazines, then you would be able to choose to only get the digital version of your favorite magazines, if you so wish. By doing this, you will reduce the number of magazines that need to get printed on paper, therefore reducing the number of trees that need to get cut down. You will also reduce your amount of waste since you will not have to throw out any old magazines.

If you are interested in leading a greener, more sustainable life, and helping preserve our planet, subscribe to a magazine that partners with eMagazines and begin your digital, green reading experience today. If you want to know more about these topics, visit the resources linked in this post and consider going paperless in other ways, such as paperless billing, reading your books and newspapers digitally, and opting for digital receipts or no receipt at all when possible. Who knew you could help take care of the earth by doing something as enjoyable as reading your favorite magazine?

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