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eMagazines Supports Publishers for Apple News+

May 2, 2019

The Apple News+ Hype

With a new range of support services, eMagazines is helping publishers take full advantage of opportunities arising from the launch of Apple News+.

Supporting the Opportunity 

Apple’s new service offered to subscribers within the Apple News app on iPhone, iPad, and Mac products provide access to more than 300 leading magazines and newspapers. With the help of our production services, publishers are taking advantage of this new platform to expand their visibility, gain a larger following, and earn new sources of revenue. Our world-class support makes this process easy, as we remove many roadblocks publishers experience. With our help, publishers will get their content in front of more readers, extend readership, and ensures a fantastic reading experience.

eMagazines and Apple News+

Working with its clients, eMagazines transforms magazine content from a print-ready PDF to the required Apple News Format in a way that retains the look and feel of the print experience. Along with exporting to the Apple News Format, eMagazines adds enhancements like picture galleries, parallax, drop caps, and other features that make the magazine content easy and enjoyable to read. 

What We Do

eMagazines provides these options to tailor its services to the needs of publisher clients. Turn-key: Send us your PDF; we will work with you to create a theme that fits the look and feel of your magazine (fonts, styling, and design). eMagazines will then reflow each article and upload it to your Apple News channel, organize the issue, and schedule it to go live. eMagazines transforms your issue from a PDF and gets it ready to publish on your Apple News+ Channel. We provide you with the article.json code for each article and you upload to your Apple News+ channel and publish. 

Given Apple’s well-earned reputation for influencing design trends and creating superior user experiences, we at eMagazines believe that the launch of Apple News+ is an important development in the ongoing evolution of digital magazine publishing and distribution.

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