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Digital Reading Not Just for Millennials

July 17, 2018

Expanding Demographics

Millennials tend to be the focal point for many companies when it comes to targeting. However, the publishing industry can effectively target more than just the younger generation when it comes to digital publications if they take notice.

Skip the Stereotype

While publishers may be aware of the large percentage of young Americans who read media on their mobile devices, they may neglect to note the more senior demographic. Over the past few years, a growing number of older Americans have been increasingly reading on mobile devices.

Fortune reported last year, 67 percent of Americans over age 65 said they use their phone or tablet to read the news, a significant growth from past years. In 2016 this number was at only 43 percent, and 2013 saw only 22 percent of older Americans reporting this usage on their mobile devices.

While stereotypes about senior readers may push you to invest in your print issues, data suggests investing in digital issues will pay off as well. The key, however, is to focus on accessibility.

eMagazines Can Help

As experts in creating digital content, eMagazines grants the perfect solution to make sure you are offering your content in ways that all your readers will enjoy. eMagazines produces a version of your magazine that can be viewed easily on a mobile device. Instead of a scaled-down PDF version, eMagazines reflows your content into a user-friendly, readable format.

The potential concern of losing a specific demographic of readers, such as those who are more traditional in a sense, can be happily eradicated with eMagazines. When you partner with eMagazines, we make it possible to invest in both print and digital issues. As soon as your issues are ready, an email is sent to all subscribers with easy access to the digital version—no need to log in or download an app. In a world of instant gratification, this feature comes in handy.

Final Thoughts

Make sure to consider the ever-changing research and preferences of readers and mobile device users as you and your company decide what is best for your publications. It is clear that digital reading is not just for millennials—an expanding range of demographics prefer reading on their mobile devices and eMagazines can help you deliver exactly what they are looking for.

Learn more about our services at www.emagazines.com, and be sure to explore all our insightful blog articles.

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