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New York Times’ digital subscriptions overtake print, signaling new era for digital/mobile journalism

August 10, 2020
person reading New York Times newspaper

For the first time in the New York Times’ long history, the paper reported that revenue from its digital subscriptions has outpaced its print counterparts, confirming what many of us in the publishing industry have suspected since the coronavirus pandemic began: digital journalism is vital, vibrant and possibly more sustainable than any other medium in the age of COVID-19.

Understanding the world through the reliable, ethically sourced reporting of trained journalists has always been integral to our society, but today its value cannot be overstated. In an article published by the Wall Street Journal, the Times’ outgoing Chief Executive Mark Thompson called this “a key milestone in the transformation of the New York Times.” According to the same article, the Times saw their digital subscriptions skyrocket in their most impressive single-quarter gain yet- from an increase of 587,000 to 669,000.

This actively demonstrates that not only is quality journalism alive, it is tangibly profitable and capable of engaging audiences in new, exciting ways that generate lasting loyalty. eMagazines routinely partners with organizations whose journalism shapes our understanding of the world, and we know that the digital landscape is limitless. Computers, tablets and smartphones are our gateways to information and the stories that relieve our pandemic isolation.

When the stories of reporters and photojournalists on the frontlines are carried to us via vibrant mobile and digital experiences, we equip ourselves to find connection with the rest of the world and work together to make it a better place. Journalism has always thrived in the midst of challenge and embraced invitations for bold change. The New York Times’ report shows us that the age of the coronavirus is no exception. And with cutting-edge technology like eMagazines’ that makes journalism more accessible and engaging than ever before, of innovative storytelling and dedicated truth-seeking.

Jessica Gable