Built by magazine publishers for magazine publishers

eMagazines is a technology platform built by and for magazine publishers to support an ideal reading experience on mobile and seamless services to increase revenue and expand readership.

Meet our team

  • Amy Fitzpatrick

    Vice President Publisher Relations

    Amy has been supporting the magazine publishing Industry for more than a few years, although she won’t share exactly how many. Her expertise is in publisher relationships and business development.

  • Emma Cullimore

    Production Expert and Support Manager

    Emma grew up in Missouri and now lives in Chicago. She helps produce digital magazines and do customer support. Emma is also a costume designer in the Chicago theatre community.

  • Jon Curtis


    Jon counts the eMagazines beans and makes sure that we have the fuel to build the business. He works out of New Jersey where he lives with his wife and two daughters.

  • Andrew Degenholtz

    Founder and President

    Andrew started eMagazines to provide a seamless experience for digital magazine readers on a mobile phone. He lives in Chicago with his family.

  • Jason W. Frederick

    Production Manager

    Jason makes sure your magazine looks great on a mobile phone. He lives in Cleveland and is an illustrator, designer, print maker and musician.

  • Christy Ludwig

    Vice President of Customer Success

    When Christy is not exploring the digital frontier with eMagazines, she’s spending time with her two young humans, her two gentle giants, and seeing bands with her husband (like they’re hip twenty-somethings).

  • Brian Olson

    Full Stack .NET Developer

    Brian likes Web Development, flying his drone and bow fishing. In his free time he spends time with friends and family and works out.

  • Blake Pollard

    Vice President Business Development

    Blake heads up the business development and sales efforts for eMagazines. Helping clients solve problems and grow revenue with new technology is what he does best. He lives in Austin, TX with his wife and three daughters.

  • Don Wakeling

    Lead Engineer

    Don heads up the tech team. He enjoys learning about artificial intelligence, reading fantasy fiction and improving his nine-ball game.

  • Ross Ward

    Senior Manager Operations & IT

    Ross has a degree in Computer Science and certifications for network and hardware support. Ross helps maintain the infrastructure, operations, and the website front end.

  • Steven Russell

    Production and Design Associate

    Steven loves all things design, and he helps produce digital magazines for the company. He lives in Chicago, and spends his free time reading, finding new music to listen to, and exploring the city.

  • Tori Matkin

    Marketing Manager

    In the office, you will find Tori analyzing and managing the performance of campaigns, marketing communications, and having fun while working hard. While Tori lives in Chicago, she will always cheer on the Wisconsin Badgers.

  • Larry Nichter

    Board of Advisors

    Larry helps accelerate the growth of the eMagazines new digital magazine platforms. When not networking, Larry spends his time on the wrestling mat as a referee and at home in NJ with his wife of 27 yrs. and their 2 sons.