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eMagazines to Support the Transition of WoodWing’s Apple News® Conversion Services

January 22, 2024

eMagazines, an Apple News preferred provider for digital magazine content production is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with WoodWing, a leading provider of content and information management solutions. This collaboration will enhance and streamline Apple News production for Woodwing’s clients, offering a seamless and innovative approach to digital magazine content creation.

John Roderick, Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at WoodWing USA, expressed his confidence in the partnership, stating, “eMagazines has years of experience taking content from WoodWing Studio and delivering reflowed content experiences. We know that partnering with eMagazines to support our Apple News conversion services will provide the quality of service that our customers have come to expect.”

eMagazines software automates templates and uses macros and AI, which means that the process of building beautiful, engaging articles for Apple News is more efficient and always meets high-quality standards.

Andrew Degenholtz, President of eMagazines, described their unique approach, saying, “We help magazine publishers transform their print magazines into a mobile-optimized digital version that looks amazing on Apple News and across devices. Our software is easy to use to so designers can concentrate on the creative aspect of building beautiful digital magazines.”

The synergy between eMagazines and WoodWing exemplifies a shared commitment to innovation and excellence. By joining forces, both companies aim to ensure that mutual clients stay at the forefront of engaging and high-quality magazine content delivery.

This partnership signifies a significant step forward in the digital publishing landscape, offering clients a powerful and efficient solution for Apple News content production. WoodWing and eMagazines look forward to continuing to push the boundaries of digital publishing and providing clients with cutting-edge tools for creating captivating magazine experiences.


A version of this post was first published on LinkedIn.