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5 Features Readers Want From Digital Subscriptions

June 1, 2019
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Today’s Reader Expectations

Reading is changing and digital subscriptions are everything. Understanding what readers expect from digital editions is the first step to success. Here are five features to make sure you offer your readers this year.

1. Personalization

Personalization is a marketing trend that shows no signs of going away any time soon. It is as applicable in digital subscriptions as it is anywhere else. To make sure your subscriptions succeed, offering a personalized reading experience for your subscribers is going to make them feel included and engaged.

Personalization allows your subscribers to read when and where they want, and on whatever device they are using. It also means altering distribution schedules to suit their needs and taking any other steps you can to support their requirements.

2. Smartphone Optimization

Mobile saturation is reaching an all-time high. If you want your digital editions to succeed today, they need to be optimized for mobile devices. This means responsive designs, clear layouts, and elements that lend themselves to reading on a small screen.

3. Immediate Access

Today’s readers do not want to bother with waiting for print editions. Instead, they require quick access to new versions as soon as they come out. Digital subscriptions are a great way to do this. They can help offer rapid access to subscribers who want it.

4. A Library of Issues

With print magazines, it is tough to access old issues without keeping stacks of paper throughout the home. On the other hand, digital subscriptions allow readers to gain access to a library of old issues quickly and easily. Readers can then interact with more of your content and get to know your material through the years. With this in mind, it is necessary to ensure your library of issues is readily available to them.

5. Ease of Use

Above all else, readers want your digital editions to be easy for them to use. Publications and subscriptions that are not easy to use will result in a higher-than-average bounce rate and smaller growth for your company.

Catering to Your Customers

If you want to make sure your customers have everything they need from your digital editions, look no further than eMagazines. Dedicated to ensuring publishers and readers have what they need to succeed, we are here to help you go digital.