Magazine Readership Rises on Mobile Yet Again

Post by: Hannah Downing

Readers are yet again showing publishers that they prefer mobile reading over e-readers, app, and desktop reading.

Media Post explores this trend in a recent post, citing that “Audiences consuming magazine media in print, digital and on the web dipped in August 2018, per the MPA. Mobile web and video magazine audiences continue to climb.”

It is no wonder that readers are starting to shift even more towards mobile, as it offers the most flexible reading experience in many ways, from being able to read wherever readers find themselves to text and layout customizations.

Media Post went further in their explanation, writing, “Audiences are increasingly moving from large to small screens: mobile web audiences — unique visitors that visit a site on a mobile device — grew 11.8% this August, compared to August 2017.” This statistic shows steady growth in the mobile market, pointing to more reasons why publishers should focus on mobile reading—reading on a phone without the use of an app—and how to make their magazines fit this accessible mode.

Here at eMagazines, we do even more to make the mobile reading experience the best way to read. From reflowed articles that promote ease and beauty in readers’ favorite magazines to digital versions that don’t need an app or even a sign-in to be read. Readers only need to click on the link that is sent to their inbox and they will be brought directly to their magazine—no hassle at all.

Reading is often spent as a pastime, a relaxing and enjoyable task. With more readers moving towards and using mobile, publishers need to listen and discover ways they can meet readers’ mobile needs and wants. This way, reading will always be enjoyable and will continue to be more and more accessible. With this accessibility, all readers will benefit.

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