eMagazines Delivers Focused Content

Post by: Hannah Downing

Consider this: with over 3.8 million apps being offered in the Google Play Store, 2 million apps in the Apple App Store, and growing opportunities like curated ads on social media platforms, the number of options for a mobile device user to choose from and devote attention to can become overwhelming. Even if a user downloads an app that think they will like, there is no guarantee that they will become a long-term user. They might abandon or even delete the app and never go back.

In order to combat this and help publishers reach as many readers as possible in this digital age, eMagazines creates digital versions of magazines for readers to easily access. The simple platform of eMagazines’s digital editions can be viewed in the browser of the reader’s choice and doesn’t require an app to download.

While other digital reading companies may try to persuade you to add even more to digital versions of your magazines, such as interactive features and entire apps dedicated to the publication, this can backfire when users are reluctant to commit to downloading and consistently using an app on their device. Instead, eMagazines creates a reflowed version of your print magazine that focuses on the simple things that readers look for in magazines: interesting content and a platform that is flexible and non-committal.

Readers can flip through the digital versions just like they would their print editions or read a website. All of the text is easy to read and images flow with the text without the need to pinch and zoom. Similarly,, the flexibility to read anywhere without having to download an app or even login is also a huge perk.

We deliver focused content to keep your readers focused on the curated content publishers know how to create. Magazine readers have always sought out relaxation and enjoyment through the pages of their favorite publication, and we help them do just that through hassle-free digital reading.

It’s no secret that today there is a lot vying for our attention on the Internet. With this saturated market, it can be difficult to get readers and consumers to choose your content to look at over everything else. Contact eMagazines today to learn how we can create focused, simple, and accessible content that your readers will appreciate with every issue they read.