The Benefits of Digital Ads with eMagazines

While there are many reasons to partner with eMagazines to create a digital version of your magazine, as mentioned in one of our previous posts, one of the biggest reasons is what it will do for advertising within your magazine. Let’s dive into why digital ads are better than print ads and what makes them one of the biggest perks to creating a digital version of your magazine.

To start off, eMagazines gives the option to create an ad that is not just a picture, but a clickable link, so that a reader can click or tap on any part of the ad and it will send them to a specified landing page. From here, the possibilities are endless.

By having a clickable ad in their magazine, consumers are more likely to convert because the process is easier than it would be with the same ad in a print magazine. The clickable ad eliminates multiple steps so that the conversion process is more streamlined and there are less opportunities for the consumer to opt out before converting.

For example, if a reader sees an ad in their print magazine, they will likely want to do more research into the product or service being advertised before they decide to convert. This includes looking up more information, finding out where it is offered or sold, and then making the purchase. However, with digital, clickable ads, all these questions can be solved with one link and minimal clicks. Therefore, there are higher chances of conversion with clickable ads over print.

Another perk to digital ads, as Media Space Solutions mentions on their blog, is that there is the opportunity to manage and track the ad’s performance. Unlike print ads, these ads could give you exact reports about how many people clicked on them and how many people ended up converting. With print ads, it is much more difficult to tell how much of an impact they make on consumers.

Similarly, Media Space Solutions writes that digital magazines allow for content flexibility, which often leads to less fees for publishers, in turn making the ad placements cheaper for advertisers. And, not to mention the global reach of digital magazines, meaning your ads could be seen by a diverse set of consumers from around the world.

Overall, partnering with eMagazines and creating a digital version of your magazine, along with clickable ads, will benefit everyone involved, from publisher to advertiser to consumer, so what are you waiting for? Contact eMagazines today!